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Past Reality Integration (PRI)

Past Reality Integration is a laser method to heal yourself from emotional an physical pain like burn out, depression and anxiety. Where Mindfulness is a coming of age in your personal developement, PRI is becoming an adult and taking full responsibility for your life. 


Past Reality Integration

In my 1 on 1 coaching sessions, I work with Past Reality Integration®, PRI in short. PRI helps you to live your life fully in the now. The clear model will show you how your past negatively impacts your present life. Even if we try to live our lives in the present moment, our personal history is always there, carried with us in every cell.

PRI in a few words:

Past Reality Integration® is developed by Dutch psychologist Ingeborg Bosch and is based on the premise that we, as adults, often perceive the world through the defense mechanisms that we have developed as children. These defense mechanisms see to it that we do not have to feel the pain which was inflicted upon us as children. However these defense mechanisms are exactly what makes us, as adults; suffer the most as they give us a distorted perception of our perceptions of the present reality. Fear, depression, anger, stress and lack of true contact with other people are the root cause of our problems in the present.

PRI aims to help us work towards becoming aware of the destructive actions of these defense mechanisms, to stop the defenses and subsequently take them down or dismantle them.

Do you suffer from:

  • Working too hard (and ending up in a burn-out)

  • Feeling insecure

  • Fear to speak in public

  • Irritation and anger

  • Depression

  • Jealousy 

  • Problems in friendships

  • Feelings of loneliness

... or any other negative, heavy feeling that is draining you? Do you want to know how PRI can help you to become conscious of your emotional baggage in relation to your children, partner or other people in your life? Send me a message and we will schedule a free trial session via phone or Skype to see if PRI fits your needs and expectations.

Some practical information:

Location: Keizersgracht 178, Amsterdam / Due to Corona I only work online through Skype or Zoom

Language: English or Dutch

Price per one hour session: 95 euro


Phone: 020 7709159

Further reading:

If you are curious, visit the official PRI website or the PRI channel on Youtube. The video's below give an insight into the working methods of Ingeborg Bosch and PRI. The first one is a webinar about burnout in which I am talking about my own experience with stress.


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