Sexual health


Sexual health


Sexuality can lead to all kinds of feelings of insecurity and fear. Especially when it comes to getting sick from sex.

I worked as a sexual health consultant for many years. I gave advice on testing, safe sex, how to protect yourself against STIs and how to respond to certain symptoms. I also helped people dealing with difficulties in their sexuality. With my background as a therapist, I help people who are struggling with an unreal fear of STD or who are struggling to pick up their lives again after a diagnosis. 

Contracting an STI can have a major impact on a person's life. All kinds of feelings of insecurity, fear, anger can arise. If you recognize thoughts and feelings such as:

  • How can I ever have sex with herpes again?

  • How can I tell my partner about my STI?

  • I have contracted genital warts and now feel dirty and insecure. How can I deal with this?

  • How can I prevent contracting an STI, because that is something I am afraid of.

  • I am very afraid of contracting HIV. I get paranoid when I think about it.

  • I had sex with a sex worker and now I think I contracted a terrible disease.

Or a different feeling of fear, not feeling good enough and bad, insecurity etc. in combination with an STI. 

I can help you with giving you the right information about the risk you have had, but also help you with difficult feelings of anxiety and insecurity towards a new relationship. I work with the very effective method PRI.


Practical information:

Location: Keizersgracht 178, Amsterdam / Because of Corona I only work online via Skype or Zoom

Language: English or Dutch

Price per hour session: 95 euro


Telephone: 020 7709159


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