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Webinars Mindfulness

Webinars Mindfulness

Mindfulness webinars


Due to our current situation, live workshops and courses are not possible at the moment. Instead, I offer mindfulness webinars / classes online.

These webinars are designed to start the day mindfully. This will help you throughout the day to feel more energized, focused and less on autopilot. Research from the Harvard University has shown us that living on autopilot makes us more stressed and unhappy. In these webinars I will show you how to get off autopilot and start living mindfully and with self care. The webinars are very beneficial for your physical and mental health. 

Benefits of mindfulness webinars / online classes: 

  • More awareness of your own mind and body

  • Feeling more connected to oneself

  • Better focus on the present moment 

  • Being able to handle feelings of stress 

  • Waking up from autopilot and making conscious choises

  • Being able to work in flow

Employees benefit greatly from starting the day with attention and connections. With breathing, feeling the body consciously, reconnecting before starting to work.


Webinar / online class 1:
Learn the basics of Mindfulness
Webinar / online class 3:
Emotional self developement and happiness 
DSC_0388 (2).JPG
Cone Shape Lamps
Webinar / online class  2: Mindfulness on the workfloor
Sand Dunes
Webinar / online class 4:
The basics of philosophy

Why Mindfulness?


You want to have more insight and control over your own mental and physical health?


Mindfulness helps you to see how your mind works. By learning how to start observing and listening to yourself, you will slowly notice how you live on autopilot most of the time. And because of this, how mucht we miss out on things, the good, but also the bad things. These unpleasant thoughts, feelings and physical sensations give us many signals about how we are doing. Mindfulness helps you to wake up and start noticing things that were hidden before. How many negative thoughts you have, how much you judge others and perhaps also yourself. How hard you are on yourself. How the singing of a bird sound when you walk outside, how beautiful your child looks on this Monday morning, how your coffee really tastes, how you feel right before a business meeting, and afterwards, how it feels to take a conscious breath, how it feels to feel the rain drop on your skin or how your belly feels. 


If you start noticing more, you will miss less good things and bad things. That is amazing. Because now you can enjoy life for what it really is. Full of beautiful moments, but also unpleasant ones. If you open up to all of this, you can start to hear the alarm bells of your body if it sends you any. This allows you to act faster if you notice that there is stress, anxiety, or if you have palpitations, find yourself forgetful, tired, judge very quickly or react angrily. 

I have been working with mindfulness in companies for many years now. Since april I am offering mindfulness webinars online.




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