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Working from Home


Mindful at work and home

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to work productively, focused and not lose your energy during the day?

Work can be stressful and chaotic. Many people often end up multitasking and work on autopilot to get everything done. A mindful approach will help you feel less stressed, overwhelmed and reactive and more focused, productive and resilient.

During the workshops, webinars and courses you will receive a tool kit of Mindfulness practises and techniques that will allow you to cope better with stress and to make conscious choices that will improve and enhance every aspect of your life. You will discover what it is like to "wake up", to calm the nervous system, understand how your mind works and take control of your life.

Staff Meeting

Mindfulness online for teams

Once a week for 4 or 8 weeks in total. You will learn:

  • The basics of Mindfulness

  • The breath and body awareness

  • How to deal with stress?

  • Preventing burn out

  • Sessions in Dutch or English


Mindfulness workshop

Mindfulness workshop of 60 or 90 minutes. You will learn: 

  • The basics of Mindfulness

  • How to step off autopilot and work with more presence and focus

  • How to deal with stress on the work floor?

  • Mindfulness exercises that will strengthen your focus and will make you more resilient and relaxed.

  • Sessions in Dutch or English


1 on 1 Mindfulness sessions

60 minute private session. Suitable for everyone who wants to learn:

  • the basics of Mindfulness

  • How to prevent burn out?

  • How to stay energized during the day and not letting work drain your energy. 

  • Mindfulness exercises 

  • How to integrate Mindfulness in your daily life

  • Sessions in Dutch or English

Viktoria Susovits

Viktoria has been a certified Mindfulness trainer, category 1 since 2016. She is a member of the professional association VMBN. Before becoming a Mindfulness trainer, she obtained her master's degree in philosophy at the University of Groningen.

"My own personal development started when I was a student, struggling with the expectations of my teachers, fellow students and mostly myself. I always had the feeling of being in a hurry, even in the weekend when I had nothing to do. A constant feeling of restlessness and busyness was a big part of my general condition. When I discovered Mindfulness, it helped me to question my believes, judgement and to explore them instead of taking them for granted. Mindfulness also learned me to feel my body again. This helped me to notice stress in an early stage so I can prevent chronic stress in my own life. The body never lies, but can you listen?"

Viktoria has also followed the PRI training and helps many people with burn out complaints.

Photo: Francois Luxembourg


Thanks, Viktoria, for the wonderful webinars. I was a bit hesitant in the beginning, but I'm so happy I visited your webinars. I'm much more present, energized and more focused than ever before.

- Carol D.

I feel more connected to myself, my environement and my work. I never thought I would do Mindfulness, but I am pleasantly surprised by the effect. Thanks again"

       - Erik van K. 

"Participating in Viktoria's Mindfulness workshop made me aware of my mindset while working. I had no clue I was this stressed and negative about my own work. Now I work more effectively, less stressed and with more presence, because I have learned to take care of myself and my mind".                   


      - Pauline Z.

I was in Viktoria's course and learned how to work in a Mindful way. The meditations in the morning, the Mindful Movements, it was all so different than how I started my days normally. Now I  know how to keep in touch with myself to prevent stress and burnout. Thank you for your lessons!

- Peter S.

Happy clients

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