As a mindfulness trainer I learn people to pay attention to this moment. To thoughts, feelings, the body. To listen, to be open to every new moment. 

My own personal development started when I was a student, struggling with the expectations of my teachers, fellow students and mostly myself. I always had the feeling of being in a hurry, even in the weekend when I had nothing to do. A constant feeling of restlessness and busyness was a big part of my general condition. When I discoverd mindfulness, it helped me to watch my own believes, judgement and to explore them instead of taking them for granted. I learned to put a question mark behind my believes.  A few years later I discovered Past Reality Integration. I see mindfulness as the coming of age of my development. To understand and feel where the origins of our patterns lie is to mature and to become an adult emotionally. This I found in Past Reality Integration,  the laser method which gives us the possibility to heal ourselves and to see life as it truly is without our projections.

I have a Master degree in Philosophy (RuG) and I earned my category 1 certificate as a mindfulness trainer at See True opleidingen. And I am a PRI therapist i.o. I live and work in Amsterdam. In 2018 I gave birth to a little miracle, Ruby Delta. 

Photo: Francois Luxembourg


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